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Who am I?

I am working to be one of the best consultants in the Bursa region. I always put the interests of my clients first and provide service beyond expectations to ensure they get the results they need.

your thoughts,  You can contact me when you need advice or want tips on different subjects to make your dreams come true. Contact now to make an appointment and let's talk about what I can do for you.

Done Deal


I was born in 1980 in Bursa. I am a graduate of Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration. I started my business life as a medical promotion representative in the pharmaceutical industry in 2004. I have improved myself and I am determined to continue to improve by making great efforts to ensure that my human relations are cheerful, energetic, respectful, honest and sustainable. Because I worked with this determination, I was the first in sales in Turkey, I was nominated for the regional directorate and continued my duty as Bursa regional manager in 2007. In this task, I have improved myself in developing new ideas, focusing on details, managing groups, being a team leader, being a trainer, coaching and mentoring, keeping up with and following change closely, making quick and effective decisions, and I have spent many years in my job full of success. way I did it. In 2013, I continued my profession as Marmara Regional Manager and Trade Manager, targeting a wider geography by changing companies. In 2021, I decided to do Real Estate Consulting on reliable and honest working principles by using all my knowledge and experience. It is up to us to make all the values we have even more valuable.
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